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People are more comfortable laying on their side with support for their ribcage and neck and freedom from compression for their shoulder. To provide maximal comfort for my clients, I adapted a side lying cushion for home and therapeutic use and now have them for sale.

Notice the differences in the model with and without the cushion. With the cushion, her spine is long and straight and her shoulders are even. Without the cushion the lower shoulder is compressed with tension extending into the upper shoulder and neck and the spine dips at the waist.

“Most everyone knows that good posture is important, but good posture doesn’t apply just to sitting and standing. The muscles and ligaments of your back relax and heal themselves while you sleep. In order to protect your back, good posture is important while sleeping.” –
University of Rochester Medical Center newsletter article

For the therapist, this support minimizes postural stress for the client facilitating the release of muscular tension patterns. In addition it positions the client in a way that makes it more comfortable for the therapist to work.


“The side ease cushion gives me relief from shoulder pain when sleeping. I no longer wake up at night in pain or needing to change position, so I am less tired during the day. It also has significantly reduced my back pain upon waking. I’m surprised how much difference this little pillow has made.”
Social Worker
“When I lie on the cushion I immediately feel a sense of relief as my ribs are cradled and I can take a deeper fuller breath. In the therapy room the side ease cushion allows me to easily access and mobilize a client’s shoulder. They often comment how comfortable they feel.”
Massage Therapist
“As a body therapist, creating comfort and a neutral position for my clients is pivotal. Promoting ease and relaxation in my own body as I work is equally important. This cushion helps to establish both.”
Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner
“My clients love this cushion, I use it during every session. The most frequent comment is, I wish I had one at home.”
Massage Therapist
“We have been using the side ease cushion for well over a year with my 93 year old mother. After a fall and injury to her tailbone she was forced to lay on her side for dressing changes. We would take the cushion to her doctor appointments enabling her to be comfortable for the full hour of care. At home we used it to provide comfort on her side both in bed and in the recliner. The cushion cradles her in a stable position without having to keep stuffing and fluffing bed pillows. I highly recommend the side ease cushion for anyone who is a side sleeper or needs to be on their side for any reason.”


The Side Lying Cushions are made of durable polyurethane foam with washable vinyl cover. One size fits most body types.

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