Meet Janice Rutherford

I have had a full time practice as a body therapist since 1990. Prior to this I completed a masters degree in Biology from DePaul University and  participated in research for 14 years at Northwestern Medical School and the medical and veterinary schools of the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign. My focus was primarily endocrine and respiratory systems, specifically insulin and relaxin production and lung fibrosis. This experience in research developed an interest in how body processes influence each other as well as an aptitude to solve a puzzle.

Body therapy is like solving a puzzle. My practice is primarily middle aged men and women with decades of injury, patterning and expertise in their body. They seek my services to alleviate pain, recover from injury, improve respiration, develop alignment and invest in well being as they age. With careful listening, attention and gentle movement I can help their body to recognize how it is holding tension and coordinate a release. Developing ease throughout the ribcage and diaphragm is a primary focus. Fine tuning the muscular coordination of breathing facilitates relaxation in the spine, pelvis, shoulders, neck and limbs.

I am fully licensed, insured and accredited through the State of Illinois, American Massage Therapy Association and Society of Ortho-Bionomy International. In August 2019 I will complete certification requirements for Practitioner of MDH Breathing Coordination.

Additionally I have trained in Yamuna Body Rolling (Certified instructor from 2000-2010) and graduated from the Lomi School of Somatic Education.

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