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relief for foot pain

Our feet have an optimal structure that is well maintained by articulation in the joints and balanced tone in the muscles. When this structure is impaired through injury, compression or misalignment of the foot, pelvis, knee or ankle, we compromise an essential support for our entire body.

Foot Therapy begins with an assessment of you walking. It is visually clear where the joints in the foot, ankle and knee move freely in a balanced manner and where that balance is compromised.  Changing this pattern is a process of release and realignment of not only the foot but often the entire lower limb and pelvis. The bones and muscles, now having more options can be retrained to hold the new position. The experience of vitality in the rest of your body is profound once you rediscover well being in your feet.

Helpful for:
Flat feet
Plantar fasciitis
Knee hip and low back problems


"I was using an 8 lb sledge on a construction site. I missed the target and slammed that sledge right into my left ankle. No bones broke, but I hit it hard enough to cut the skin through a heavy work boot. A week later it was still very painful while walking and at rest. A session with Janice of Ortho-Bionomy, using gentle movement, improved my ankle 50% and I quickly recovered."
"I was amazed when Janice figured out the structural problem behind the pain in my foot and even more elated when her gentle touch restored my foot to normal alignment. I am using the technique she showed me and am on my way to become pain free."
Author and Humanitarian
“I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Six months of pain in my heal and difficulty walking led me to At-Ease Body Therapy. Janice unwound the tension pattern in my Foot and released muscles in my calf, hip, and thigh which contributed to the problem. Although successful therapy often takes 12 weeks, in my case I was pain free and walking normally in 5 weeks.”​

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