Session Work

Ortho-BionomyThe primary therapeutic modality I use is Ortho-Bionomy® (OB). OB was developed by osteopathic physician, Dr Arthur Lincoln Pauls, and focuses on bones as well as muscles. OB seems mysterious because it is so gentle. I use the metaphor that we are having a conversation with the central nervous system (CNS), which is sensitive to the slightest touch.

By employing specific position and compression into the joint and muscle we can engage reflexes, which communicate to the CNS how tension is held in the body. The CNS can then send appropriate sensory-motor signals to help return the muscles to a more normal tone.

Movement and comfort are basic principles of OB. Where there is a lack of movement there is most often a lack of space and either pain or dysfunction. To help recreate movement in an area, we never use force. Rather, we determine the direction of contraction and gently compress in that direction to engage reflexes triggering a sensory motor response. This happens to be the direction the body is trying to pull into and is generally a position of comfort.

OB is effective for back pain, neck pain, whiplash, headache, fibromyalgia, sciatica, curvature of the spine, strains and sprains of all sorts, and post surgery recovery. Once the area of greatest pain is addressed, structure within the entire body is examined to evaluate its influence on the original discomfort.

I work closely with other practitioners and refer when helpful or necessary to a network of physicians, chiropractors, body therapists, physical therapists and Pilates and Alexander instructors.

Session Work

I have experience with:

Reestablishing movement in locked muscles and joints
Foot, knee, and pelvic alignment issues
Held trauma from accident or surgery
Stress reduction
Structural pain during pregnancy
Plantar fasciitis
Foot pronation