Foot Therapy

Years ago, I learned that a common source of persistent low back pain is heel misalignment. If our lower leg bones do not center on the heel of the foot, there is distortion in the knee which rotates the femur into the hip joint and imbalances the pelvis. Any release of the low back is negated as soon as we begin to walk.

Current correction for foot problems consists of orthotics and surgery. Both are helpful and sometimes necessary. However, neither directly address the larger picture of muscular balance.

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Just as you can retrain the muscles in the torso to allow a more upright posture, you can retrain the foot and leg to walk in alignment. The experience of vitality in the rest of your body is profound once you rediscover well being in your feet.

Foot therapy begins with an assessment of movement while you walk. It is visually clear where the joints in the foot, ankle and knee flex and where they are compressed. Changing this pattern is a process of therapy on a bodywork table to release and realign the bones and muscles, then exercises on Yamuna Foot Savers to further the release and retrain our feet to hold this new position.

foot therapyWalking is one of the oldest movement patterns we know. Learning something new is a process. But a little bit of change in how we place our foot creates a big change in our physical comfort.

Helpful for:

Flat Feet
Plantar Fasciitis
Knee, Hip and Low Back Problems